Just thought I’d Menchen…

Okay, here’s the skinny, once upon a time, in a reality far, far, away (the 1980’s), I used to do reviews of albums, and concerts, interviews and articles about musicians, and other related types of writing.  So, when I sat down to dole out my thoughts and opinions on the four Seventh Power albums put out between 2006-2012 by Bill Menchen, I found myself seven pages deep while only being 70% finished, and decided that while I was exercising my muse, I was doing so “freelance”  – so I trashed all I wrote, Continue reading


serloren’s winsome wordiness v2.0

It has been two full years since I’ve posted anything new at all to my blog(s)! Boy oh boy, whoda thunk it? Anyway, here we go again…hopefully you’ll find stuff worth your time to read, and we’ll see how well I can do with posting on a regular basis.

God bless y’all, thanks for stopping by!