A truly BLACK Friday this year?

On November 4th of 1979, Iran took 52 American citizens hostage.
I can honestly say I have never been more liberal in my life than I was at that time, having turned 16 years old only 5 days before; and even so, I recognized, repeatedly said, and have never changed my mind since, that that action by Iran was the opening salvo in what would eventually become World War 3. There have been numerous other events and incidents in the decades since that have done nothing but strengthen my belief in that position.

It truly angers me all the way to core of my heart that from then until now so many of our so-called “leaders” here at home (as well as many abroad), who have all had ridiculous amounts of professional education, who hold numerous highly acclaimed degrees, and have had far more experience on the world stage and in foreign affairs than a simple average American man such as myself, somehow have continually failed – even to this very day – to connect the dots that string these events together, and to be able to see the culmination of them that lies immediately ahead of us.

I don’t care what political party you belong to, I don’t care what personal ideology you choose to hold, if you can take any honest look at the world around you today – even at the broadest viewing angle – and NOT see the present and increasing danger around all of us no matter where we live, and not be on your guard, not even begin to take precautions to do whatever you can to protect and secure yourself and your families…you are worse than the most pitiful of fools.

Barely 2 weeks ago, more than 200 people were murdered when what they now believe was a terrorist bomb brought down Russian Metrojet Flight 9268.

Yesterday, at least 127 people were killed by terrorist attacks (homicide bombers) in Paris France.

Less than two weeks from now is Thanksgiving Day, and what has come to be known as Black Friday the day after. These two days will provide innumerable targets for the murderous muslim maniacs who want to slaughter everyone in the world who doesn’t agree with them.

Why? Because we are about to provide them with millions of obsessively self-focused Americans jammed together to the point of overflowing as they indulge their insatiable desires to obtain ever more stuff in the malls and stores of the USA.

Of all the people of the world that these sons of bitches despise, there are none they desire to slaughter more than they do AMERICANS; and here we are, poring over circulars, clipping coupons, increasing our credit card limits, planning our shopping routes like some manner of pseudo-military attack…

Think about it people!

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