Rebuking the International Business Times

To: International Business Times

Original Article Here

1) MLK’s faults are widely known – and you know that they are. So, to run a piece like this, and on the day he is remembered, is nothing at all but a deliberate hit piece intended to do nothing but tear down his memory in the minds of the public.

2) MLK’s faults as a man, a husband, and as a pastor, do not in any way negate the example he set forth of how to stand courageously, and ALWAYS peacefully in the face of injustice and refuse to give in to it.

3) The ONLY perfect man to ever set foot on earth was Christ Jesus, and among the rest of us faulty, fallen sinful men – we could use a lot more today with MLK’s spirit of peace, and the spine to stand fast no matter what.

4) Havng a website that continually forces reloads etc of a page shows shoddy bulld and design by what is supposed to be a professional site/company…but it does a GREAT job of stopping people from being able to present cogent, thoughtful, criticisms in your comments section doesn’t it?

Tell me, how exactly does trashing the memory of a man like King in this way bring about anything good in the world? How does it shine any light into the darkness we face today? How does it in any way inspire people to aspire to a better society wherein we love one another as brothers as Christ taught us and commanded us to do?

Answer that!

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